First Aid Training

We are experts in delivering First Aid courses that you require at your place of work. Our team has over 25 years of teaching, they are all Nuco accredited instructors. We work from the ground up to establish a credible amount of knowledge that makes your learning experience worth while. We at Summit Safety Solutions always put the customer first. Willing to help, support, develop the individual and the team.

First Aid at Work (3 days)

The First aid at work training course provides the comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work. Giving both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations.

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)

This one-day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements if your risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only, is sufficient for your workplace.

Paediatric First Aid (2 days)

This two-day paediatric first aid course focuses on emergency scenarios that face those looking after young children and infants, including day nurseries, private nursery schools, pre-schools, before and after school clubs for children in the early years age group, childminders and carers of children at home.

Paediatric Emergency First Aid (1 day)

This one-day course focuses on emergency scenarios that may face those looking after babies and young children.

Basic Life Support

Resuscitation training normally takes place over three hours and includes the necessary theory followed by lots of practical “hands-on” practice to build confidence. Audiences range from parents, school staff and other first aiders through to dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. This course can be adapted to suit a variety of audiences, from the complete novice to those who are skilled but feel their resuscitation skills need updating. The training is in line with current Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines.

Defibrillator Training

A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. A person’s chance of survival falls by about 10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation.

The risk of death can be reduced if you have a defibrillator in your workplace and know how to use it. If you already have a defibrillator, it’s important that your employees know where it is.

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