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I have now decided to send clients regular Health & Safety updates and information, therefore I would like to clear up the questions with regards to eye tests and glasses. This is what the law states;


Providing eye tests and any necessary spectacles for DSE work 


There is no evidence to suggest that DSE work will cause permanent damage to eyes or eyesight. Eye tests are provided to ensure users can comfortably see the screen and work effectively without visual fatigue. 
If a user or a potential user requests an eye test you are required to provide one. If the test shows that the user needs glasses specifically for DSE work, you must pay for a basic pair of frames and lenses. Eye tests are not an entitlement for the self- employed. Users are entitled to further tests if DSE work is considered to cause them visual fatigue and at regular intervals after the first test. 
The arrangements you make to provide eye and eyesight tests can vary. For example, some employers let users arrange tests for themselves (and give the employer the bill); others prefer to send all their staff to be tested by one optician.


The following may help you when setting up your arrangements:


    • contact a number of opticians to make sure you get a competitive rate;
    • ask if they will come to you to carry out the eye tests;
    • ask for standard information about each user test. This should say if the user 
needs glasses for DSE work, and when they should be retested;
    • tell users what arrangements you have made;


Health and Safety 


■ make sure users understand what you will and won’t pay for.


You only need to provide glasses for the DSE work. If users’ normal glasses are suitable for DSE work, you don’t need to pay for them. You don’t have to pay for expensive frames or lenses.


Hopefully this clears up what the law states, if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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